Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Growth Caused By An Unknown Water Damage

While a business was closed for a holiday an unknown water damage flooded the facility. The unknown water damage resulted in a couple areas of mold growth. T... READ MORE

Mold growth on Ceiling Fan

After a previous water damage left unattended a customer noticed mold growth in their home. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Tyler and we were able to help th... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Crawl Space

This customer had a previous water damage. The customer did not feel the structure was dried properly. The water damage had affected the subfloor. The customer... READ MORE

Mold Growth Caused By Flood Waters

Customer was selling a vacant restaurant building when the building flooded during a spring storm. Standing water sat in the facility for a few weeks before any... READ MORE

Roof Leak Causes Mold Damage

A Church had a roof leak that happened about nine months ago, and growth began to present itself in the foyer and small areas of drywall in the church. After in... READ MORE

Water Leak Causes Mold Damage in Flint, TX

Customer had a leak behind a shower that had been continuously leaking for a few weeks. The water soaked into the exterior plywood wall and into the studs of a ... READ MORE