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Why your HVAC system leaks causing water damage (And what you can do about it)

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

Leaking HVAC system

A central AC unit can leak for several reasons. While some are easily addressed, others require more intense intervention. Air conditioners normally emit a certain amount of water because the AC unit cools your home by removing moisture from the air. The condensation builds up on the AC coils, and then drains outside of your home. If you spot a small amount of water dripping from a drain hole or pipe, rest assured that this is normal operation for your unit, particularly on a warm or humid day. However, if water is flooding onto the floor or a nearby wall, this is an issue that you must deal with right away because you may have:

A clogged condensation drain

The condensation pan collects water that your AC unit extracts from the air. When everything is working properly, the condensation drains through the drain pipe to the outside of your home. If this drain becomes clogged, water builds up inside and overflows the condensation pan.

One of the most common causes of a leaky AC unit is a clogged condensation drain. Check the condensation pan to see if water is flowing over the edge of the pan. If so, the drain hole has likely become clogged. Algae and other particulates can clog the condensation drain, causing the water to build up and ultimately overflow the drain pan.

This is generally a problem that you can fix yourself. Flush the drain pipe out with clean water, or use a shop vacuum to blow the clog out of the drain. Clean up any standing water, and then allow the AC unit to run for a day or so. If the water remains contained within the drain pan, you have solved the flooding problem.

Frozen coils

During the summer season when your AC unit runs constantly or when the unit is running while the outside temperature dips below 60 degrees, ice can build up on the coils inside the AC unit, causing the unit to leak water. You can solve this problem by turning the air conditioner completely off for an hour or two to allow the coils to thaw.

Improper installation

When an HVAC unit is installed, the installers pitch the unit toward the outside of the home to ensure condensation flows to the drain pan. If the central air unit was not installed properly, the unit may leak water. For this problem, you will need to consult with an HVAC professional to get your unit correctly installed.

Other issues

If you notice water leaking from parts other than the drain or condensation pan, you should call a Signature Air HVAC technician right away. The AC unit is designed to accommodate draining water with the condensation system, but something is amiss if water is leaking from other areas. You have a problem that needs professional attention

If your HVAC system has leaked and flooded your home or business in Tyler TX, call us at SERVPRO of Tyler. Our professional technicians will arrive swiftly to properly extract and dry any moisture damage caused by the leak and make it like it never even happened. 

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