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The Dangers of Not Immediately Dealing with Water Damage

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

The Dangers of Not Immediately Dealing with Water Damage

Many people do not take the quick and rapid steps necessary when dealing with water in home or water in business problems. They think that simply drying the floors with a few towels and fixing the problem that caused the flood damage is all that they need to do. If you're one of these people, you'll find yourself dealing with a lot of future problems when you do not immediately deal with the water damage that you see and hire a restoration company.

Structural Damage

The first type of damage that a pipe break can do is structural damage. Structural damage refers to any type of damage that weakens the integrity of your home. A pipe break can lead to a build up of water in your walls that causes paint and wallpaper to peel away and the drywall in your home to soften. Something more serious like a supply line break can cause damage similar to that saw in a flooded home. Water cleanup, restoration and mitigation companies offer water cleanup services designed to reduce this damage.


Though you probably notice mildew in your bathroom, you might not think twice about it because you know that you can use cleaning supplies to remove the mildew. When you have standing water in home or water in business that you do not clean up quickly, you risk that water becoming mildew. Mildew can grow through the whole room and leave you feeling slimy and unclean after taking a shower or changing clothes. Mitigation professionals know what drying methods to use and how to stop the growth of mildew.


A flooded home is susceptible to mold because the water damage creates the perfect habitat or environment for the mold. Mold looks for areas that are both warm and slightly wet, which is why you might see mold outside your home near your air conditioner. The longer that you leave standing water in home or standing water in business, the greater the risk is that mold will appear in the near future. If you do not begin drying the walls and floors right after you notice the flood damage, it can be much harder to stop the spread of that mold too.

Musty Smells

The restoration company that you turn to for help can tell you about some of the other dangers of taking too long to deal with drying and water cleanup like the musty smells that can take over your home or business. Whether you have a supply line break or a flooded home, the water can penetrate inside the walls and floors of your home and settle on any upholstery, stuffed animals and fabric in your home too. The only way to get rid of those smells is with repeated washing of those items, which isn't always easy to do. Calling a restoration company sooner after noticing a supply line break or flood damage lets you get the restoration and/or mitigation help that you need to combat those musty odors.

When Can You Call?

Though you might wonder when you can call after seeing flood damage, the simple answer is as soon as possible. Whether you experience a pipe break in the middle of the night, have a supply line break on a holiday or discover water in home or water in business after taking a few day off, you want to call as soon as you notice any water damage.

The restoration company can use drying methods that dry all areas of the structure as quickly as possible and use products designed specifically to treat mold and mildew. Restoration experts can inspect the building and bring along mitigation experts to help with the water cleanup and everything else a flooded home needs. When you have a pipe break or any other similar problem, get restoration professionals to your home or business quickly. Visit for more information on water damage.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial fire damage resulting from a utility room fire or electrical fire can lead to massive losses for business owners. Your commercial property is left in a complete mess due to smoke damage, soot damage, or water damage when there are no fire suppression and fire restoration systems. It takes a lot of time to complete the fire damage restoration process, and this affects business activities in a negative way. It is advisable o restore your business premises as soon as possible after a utility room fire or an electrical fire using the services of professional firefighters.

Commercial fire damage can be minimized by restoration professionals that use specialized equipment such as a fire truck, a fire hose, and the fire sprinkler system. The only way a firefighter can prevent further damage is by beginning the fire restoration process within the first few hours. The fire suppression process involves the use of specialized in fire damage restoration equipment like a fire hose and a fire truck. Professional firefighters should use the right process when restoring soot damage, smoke damage, and fire damage. Commercial fire damage restoration involves the following steps.

Emergency Response

Professional contractors have hotlines that clients can call when faced with utility room fire or electrical fire. The fire suppression process involving the use of a fire hose and a fire truck should begin within the first 90 minutes. The entire restoration process after a utility room fire or an electrical fire should be carried out by certified firefighter using recommended equipment like a fire sprinkler system. The contractors arrive at the scene with all the fire suppression equipment such as firefighter engines, a fire hose, a fire truck, a fire sprinkler system, and a fully stocked fleet of vans.

Detailed Fire Damage Assessment

This stage involves assessing the commercial fire damage by finding out the structural integrity of the business premises and the condition of belongings. After assessing the entire building for soot damage, smoke damage, water damage, and general fire damage, the firefighter has to prepare a quote for the entire process. Inspection enables the contractor to identify the source of the fire, the type of fire, and the level of soot damage. The contractors present the cost estimates to the insurance agent or the property owner.

Ensuring Property Security

The restoration company has the responsibility of securing the property of their client during the restoration process. Some thieves may take advantage of the confusion during a fire incident to steal the owner’s property, and that is why contractors must put in place the necessary security measures to ensure that all the materials and items in the building are well secured. Apart from the commercial fire damage, it is important to ensure that there are no further losses through theft. The property is normally left vulnerable because the fire compromises the strength of doors, walls, roofs, and windows. The premises must be well secured during the entire process to prevent all incidences of theft.

Water Damage Remediation

Water damage can occur during the fire fighting process because the fire sprinkler system and other firefighting systems end up leaving a lot of water in the building. The sprinkler systems leave the building wet and flooded. The contractor has to remove the water from the building and ensure that it remains dry. This can be achieved using various drying and dehumidifying techniques.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Soot and smoke cleanup is a very important process during fire restoration. The process involves removing soot and smoke from surfaces of the property, furniture, and personal belongings. It is possible to mitigate soot damage and smoke damage using specialized equipment like the fire sprinkler system. There should be complete cleaning and sanitization to ensure that there are no traces of soot or smoke odor.

Property Restoration

There must be some repairs and reconstruction in a fire damage recovery process to guarantee complete restoration. Some of the reconstruction processes may include; painting of walls, repairing baseboards and ceilings, plumbing repairs, and wall reconstruction. Soot damage and smoke damage can be restored through painting. Fire restoration may also involve replacement of the flooring and the titles.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

What You Need to Know About Storm Damage Restoration

9/11/2017 (Permalink)

What You Need to Know About Storm Damage Restoration

With rising global temperatures, different areas across the world have experienced devastating storms that leave vast tracts of land under water, millions of people displaced, and property worth billions destroyed. Recently, Puerto Rico experienced an apocalyptic storm, dubbed Hurricane Irma in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which dumped over 50 inches of rain in the eastern part of Texas USA.

However, it is not always that you will experience devastating storms with the magnitude of a hurricane Irma or Harvey, but you might experience smaller storms with minimal damage to your building. Storm damage rarely affects one building in a neighborhood, and so it is necessary to have a storm damage expert on speed dial for immediate repairs following a storm. A storm damage expert can help in the restoration of your residential as well as commercial buildings affected by the resulting losses.

Wind Damage

Storms are accompanied by strong winds that can cause severe wind damage including, roof damage and felling trees. Ensure that your storm damage expert can handle wind damage situations. They should be in a position to offer roof damage solutions and reinforce your buildings against the effects of wind damage in the future. Home restoration for wind damage is easier with a resourceful storm restoration expert.

River Flooding

In the wake of a storm, flooding is inevitable. If you live near a large mass of water, be sure that you will experience river flooding that can weaken the foundation of buildings. Flooding causes unimaginable havoc including disruption of transport routes and means of communications. River flooding also deposits garbage swept from up-river, and it is detrimental. Water restoration is the first step in the river flooding scenario. It is necessary to ensure you get a storm remediation. expert as a neighborhood to clean up the mess after the river recedes.

Ground Water

In the wake of a storm, the soil loses its ability to drain water, and you should have a storm remediation. expert to check the extent of ground water damage. It makes it hard for floods to flow, leaving it stagnant. This can be a breeding ground for disease carrying insects such as mosquitoes. For faster drainage of the ground water, invest in a flood pump to remove flood water from the basement and other rooms in your building. Consider a company that specializes in clean water restoration and follow it up with home restoration experts.

Hail Damage

One of the worst accompaniments of a storm is hail. News items are showing severe hail damage leading to a roof leak that gets worse over time. Following severe hail damage, most of the affected items will need replacement. It is necessary that you go through the insurance coverage on your property to ensure it includes hail damage, roof damage; otherwise, you will have a hefty repair bill for frozen pipes, roof damage, ice damage, ice damming, and flood pump hire.

Ice Damming and Ice Damage

The worst storms are those that come in winter. They leave residential and commercial buildings with severe ice damage and flooding from ice dam. A more severe scenario is having frozen pipes, which could mean that you will not have water. You could also get an ice dam forming on your roof, and it will prevent water from draining from your roof. The water that stagnates behind the dam can lead to a roof leak at first but get worse with time if you do not get the ice dam thawed. Only a storm remediation. expert can carry out roof repair to get rid of the ice dam. Frozen pipes because of ice damage can block all your pipes, leading to flooding because of a roof leak.

You can prevent ice damming before winter comes. Make sure to include plenty of ceiling insulation evenly to create a temperature exchanges between the underside of your roof and the inside of your rooms. This will ensure even melting of the ice preventing frozen pipes, a roof leak, which manifest as water stains on your ceilings. A storm remediation. expert can undertake the roof repair if ice damming catches you unawares. The roof repair needs to be handled immediately to avoid structural damage.

Hurricane Damage

In the recent past, there have been devastating hurricanes, most recently, Hurricane Irma and Harvey. Hurricane damage is more widespread; causing river flooding, stagnation of ground water and flood water, hail damage. The task of rectifying hurricane damage rests on the community, and this makes the process of home restoration an easier one. Due to the heavy rainfall, a flood pump is a necessary equipment to get rid of the flood water.

Home and storm Restoration

After the ground water recedes, home restoration should be the first step of storm restoration. Water restoration is the most important aspect of the home restoration process. This will prevent the spread of water borne diseases by providing clean water for essential use. A flood pump will ensure that all the flood water is drained away. Ensure to get an experienced roof repair expert for proper restoration work.

In conclusion, ensure that you have the sufficient building insurance, to cater for ice damming, storm damage, hurricane damage, storm restoration, as well as water restoration. Ensure that you have the number of a storm remediation. company with an excellent reputation.
Visit for more information on storm damage.

Stay Safe This Summer

7/3/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Stay Safe This Summer Consider the following tips to ensure your summer celebrations are disaster-free!

Summer is synonymous with barbecues, parades and fireworks displays; but along with all the festivities are plenty of visits to emergency rooms-especially during July. In 2013, eight people died and about 11,400 were injured badly enough to require medical treatment after fireworks-related incidents, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition to causing injury, fireworks are also responsible for thousands of house fires each year with millions of dollars in property damage. There is nothing like firing up the grill during the summer months! Did you know, July is the peak month for grill fires? A backyard barbecue can become dangerous quickly if proper safety precautions aren’t considered. Your local SERVPRO® of Tyler Professionals want you to have an enjoyable and safe summer. Consider the following tips to ensure your summer celebrations are disaster-free!

  • Propane and charcoal BBQ grills should only be used outdoors.
  • The grill should be placed well away from the home, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches.
  • Keep children and pets away from grill area.
  • Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the grills and in trays below the grill.
  • When using a charcoal grill, let the coals completely cool before disposing in a metal container.
  • Never leave your grill unattended.

Firework Facts

  • In 2011*, fireworks caused an estimated 17,800 reported fires, including 1,200 structure fires, 400 vehicle fires, and 16,300 outside and other fires.
  • These fires resulted in an estimated 40 civilian injuries and $32 million in direct property damage, with no reported fire deaths.
  • On Independence Day in a typical year, fireworks account for two out of five of all reported fires, more than any other cause of fire.

*Most recent statistics available-provided by the NFPA

Can Flooding Cause Mold Growth?

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Can Flooding Cause Mold Growth? Mold can cause health effects and significant damage to your property.

When there is a water intrusion, like a roof leak, storm flooding or leaking waterline, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business. Mold can cause health effects and can also cause significant damage to your property.  Fortunately, SERVPRO of Tyler has the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to handle you mold problem.  Although every mold damage scenario is different requiring a unique solution, the general mold remediation process stays the same.  The following steps illustrate a "typical" mold removal process. 

1. Call SERVPRO of Tyler at 903-561-0168

2. Inspection and Damage Assessment

3. Mold Containment

4. Air Filtration 

5. Removing Mold and Mold Infested Materials 

6. Restoration 

SERVPRO of Tyler's professionals understand mold and mold growth and have the training and equipment to remediate mold in your home or business. 

Mold Damage Tips: What you can do until help arrives.

6/19/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Tips: What you can do until help arrives. Have a Mold Problem? Call Us Today – (903) 561-0168

In as little as 48 hours, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business when there’s a water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking water line. Mold can cause health effects and can also cause significant damage to your property. SERVPRO of Tyler has the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to handle your mold problem.

Have a Mold Problem?
Call Us Today – (903) 561-0168

If you have a mold problem in your home or business, consider the following facts:

  • Significant mold growth can occur in 48-72 hours.
  • Mold may present a greater risk to children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory problems.
  • A strong, musty odor may indicate hidden mold behind drywall or under carpeting.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Tyler for mold remediation services.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

Mold Remediation Services

If you suspect that your home or business has a mold problem, SERVPRO of Tyler has the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation.

The Mold Mitigation & Remediation Process

6/8/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Mold Mitigation & Remediation Process SERVPRO® of Tyler Professionals understand mold and mold growth.

When there’s a water intrusion, like a roof leak or leaking water line, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business. Mold can affect your health and can also cause significant damage to your property. Fortunately, SERVPRO® of Tyler has the training, protective gear, and specialized equipment necessary to handle your mold problem. Although every mold damage scenario is different, requiring a unique solution, the general mold remediation process stays the same. The following steps illustrate a “typical” mold removal process.

Call the SERVPRO® of Tyler Professionals

The mold cleanup and restoration process begins when you call SERVPRO® of Tyler. A representative will ask a series of questions to help determine the necessary equipment, resources, and personnel needed.

Inspection & Damage Assessment

Your property will be carefully inspected for signs of mold using technology designed to detect mold and hidden water sources. Mold feeds on cellulose and water which can be hidden from plain view.

Mold Containment

Various containment procedures will be placed to prevent the spread of mold and isolate the contaminated area with physical barriers and negative air pressure to keep the mold spores from spreading during the cleanup process. 

Air Filtration

Specialized filtration equipment captures microscopic mold spores out of the air. SERVPRO® technicians utilize powerful air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to prevent the spread of these mold spores while the mold remediation is in progress.

Removing Mold & Mold-Infested Materials

The mold remediation process depends on the amount of mold growth and the types of surfaces on which the mold appears. Antifungal and antimicrobial treatments will be used to eliminate mold colonies and help prevent new colonies from forming. Removing and disposing of mold-infested porous materials, like drywall and flooring, may be necessary to remediate heavy mold growth.

Cleaning Contents & Belongings

SERVPRO® of Tyler Professionals clean your furniture, decorative items, curtains, and other restorable items affected by mold. They use a variety of cleaning techniques to clean and sanitize your belongings. They are also trained to remove odors and deodorize using fogging equipment.


Depending on the level of mold damage, drywall, subfloors, and other building materials may be removed. Restoration may involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall, painting, and installing new carpet, or it may entail major repairs such as the reconstruction of various areas or rooms in a home or business.

SERVPRO® of Tyler Professionals understand mold and mold growth and have the training and equipment to remediate mold in your home or business.

East Texas Schools Closing Due to Flu Outbreak

3/2/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial East Texas Schools Closing Due to Flu Outbreak Many schools across East Texas are closing for days due to flu outbreaks.

It's the time of year when we may experience localized influenza outbreaks at homes, businesses and schools. Luckily,SERVPRO® of Tyler uses the best cleaning solutions available to remedy toxic and germ saturated situations.

SERVPRO® of Tyler uses the Benefect suite of products, an all-natural, safe, bacteria killing cleaning solution. This 100% natural disinfectant is safe to use on just about anything.  

Some commercial applications would be in food preparation areas, day cares and nurseries, hotels and restaurants, schools and fitness gyms and kennels and barns.

Many schools across East Texas are closing for days due to flu outbreaks.  

If your home, business or school experiences an influenza outbreak this season, call SERVPRO® of Tyler to safely disinfect the area and help fight the flu!  

Call SERVPRO® of Tyler at 903-561-0168.

SERVPRO’s Disaster Recovery Team®

2/22/2017 (Permalink)

Faster to any size disaster. This is not just another catchy tag line for SERVPRO®. It is a commitment from each SERVPRO® Franchise Professional to be there when you need them most. Whether you are a small business or home owner facing minor fire or water damage, or a property manager dealing with a widespread disaster, the SERVPRO® System has the resources to respond quickly and efficiently. The sooner help arrives, the sooner restoration begins and the sooner you can resume life and business as usual. Your local SERVPRO® Franchise is just the tip of the iceberg. Should a major disaster such as a flood or wildfire occur, SERVPRO’s Disaster Recovery Team® is always poised and ready to go where they are needed. Learn more about this elite team and a few of the events they’ve responded to inside this issue of the Restoration Newsline. If a fire, water or mold damage strikes, no matter the size, call your local SERVPRO® Franchise Professionals. Backed by a system of Franchises more than 1,700 strong, we’ll help make your property disaster “Like it never even happened.”

March is Red Cross month

2/21/2017 (Permalink)

Founded in 1881, the American Red Cross is a charitable organization that relies on donations and volunteers to carry out their mission.  Whether it is disaster relief, blood donations, military family support, or training and certification in CPR, lifeguarding, first aid and more, the Red Cross is committed to helping those who need it most. The American Red Cross is part of the Global Red Cross Network, the world's largest volunteer network found in 187 countries, according to  

Every year, March is declared Red Cross Month by the President of the United States. The American red Cross celebrates by honoring the "everyday heroes" who support and carry out the mission of the Red Cross by donating, giving blood, taking a class or volunteering. 

SERVPRO began a partnership with the American Red Cross in 2013, and became an official Disaster Responder partner in 2016.  The Disaster Responder provides families and individuals immediate support, comfort and assistance when disaster, such as a house fire, happens to them.  Disaster Responders also help communities prepare for disasters ahead of time by participating in preparedness activities such as the Smoke Alarm Installation Campaign.  

To learn more about the American Red Cross, or about how you can get involved, visit